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The Carman – 12 gallon Pyrex Carboy

The craigslist gods have cast their light upon me! An original Pyrex 12 gallon glass borosilicate carboy. While more or less impossible to find used, they are available new – just get ready to give Amazon a month’s worth of rent.



One fermentation vessel down from two means less cleaning but what I’m most excited about is the increased exposed surface area for fermentation. The 6.5 gallon carboys I have been using have ~95 square inches of surface area at their widest while the carman has ~175. It’s maiden voyage will begin with some wheat, some barely, a bit of WLP300 and no stopper. Let’s see if we can get those esters cranking!

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My long running romance with German Hefeweizen hit a speed bump. As the frigid Texas winter rolled in, I found my self wanting something with more malty roast umph. This lead me to a few pints of Porter, and delicious they were! But I missed that bready, chewy wheat flavor, eventually landed me in front of a half liter of Weihenstephan dunkelweizen. And let me tell you…. It was falling in love with weizen all over again. Nutty, malty and roasty packed in with the coveted Weihenstephan wheat yeast flavor.

brewdown dunkel wlp300

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Royk Wit

Being my gateway beer as a young Coors Light transitional, I always try to keep an iteration of the supremely drinkable Belgian Wit on hand.

BrewDown Belgian Witbier Royk Wit Wyeast 3944 Coriander Orange Peel All Spice

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Waking the Dead – 0% viability yeast

In my impassioned and unending pursuit of brewing the perfect Bavarian Hefeweizen I have arrived at a very comforting place as a brewer. One which calls for a looser grip on the reigns in the name of experimentation. For this brew, that call arrived as a drastic under pitching of yeast.

0% Via Small


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