The Carman – 12 gallon Pyrex Carboy

The craigslist gods have cast their light upon me! An original Pyrex 12 gallon glass borosilicate carboy. While more or less impossible to find used, they are available new – just get ready to give Amazon a month’s worth of rent.



One fermentation vessel down from two means less cleaning but what I’m most excited about is the increased exposed surface area for fermentation. The 6.5 gallon carboys I have been using have ~95 square inches of surface area at their widest while the carman has ~175. It’s maiden voyage will begin with some wheat, some barely, a bit of WLP300 and no stopper. Let’s see if we can get those esters cranking!

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2 thoughts on “The Carman – 12 gallon Pyrex Carboy

  1. […] of Carapils for body and head retention, and closer to 60% wheat. The next batch is going in the Carmam to increase surface area during fermentation to up ester […]


  2. […] , say 4′ tall with a 12′ diameter has a ratio of 4 to 1. Luckily I picked up the carman which offers 195 cubic inches at its widest. Couple that with a 3.75 gallon batch and you have a […]


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