An Impatient Man’s Oud Bruin

If brewing has taught us anything it’s patients. This lesson anchored in me as a (former) bottle filler who regularly waits 6 weeks to sip the fruits of my labor. But being the curious lot us homebrewers are, I began peeping the world outside  saccharomyces cerevisiae and quickly shied away for a single reason – turn around time.

As some of my favorite brew like to boast,

“aged 18 months for full character”, “aged 12 months in oak casks”

Yikes! Since finishing my education I can’t say I’ve committed to anything for that long. Even so, I couldn’t stop thinking about brewing a huge batch of the beer I pay $12 a bottle for in the stores – Oud Bruin. That sweet malty backbone pushed up against bright acidity has nestled in my heart since trying Jester King’s seasonal Ol’ Oi.

So brew it is! But turn it around quicker… Not being ready to lock up my 12 gallon carboy until 2018, I chose to aim for what I like in that beer, a low lactic pH and a malty body. For the lacto I’ll pitch WLP672 Lactobacillus Brevis after knocking out to 85°, allow to sit for 36 hours, crash down to 74 and pitch Wyeast 3711 French Saison to tear through the sugar.

Luckily the amazing folks at JK like homebrewers as much as we like ourselves and offered some of their recipes. A few changes in here to accommodate my LHBS’s offerings.


Recipe – 

  • Batch Size: 12 Gallons
  • 11 Lbs German Pilsner
  • 8 Lbs Munich
  • 8 oz Aromatic
  • 12 oz CaraMunich
  • 12 oz Flaked Oats
  • 12 oz White Wheat
  • 12 oz Chocolate Malt
  • 7 mL Lactic Acid (5.3 pH mash @ room temp)
  • 0.5 Campden Tablet
  • 1tsp Wyeast Nutrient
  • 20 seconds pure O2 (2 micron stone)
  • White Labs 672 Lactobacillus Brevis
  • Wyeast 3711 (700 mL starter)
  • 1 Tsp gelatin fining


Specs –

  • OG: 1.051
  • FG: 1.005
  • 6% ABV
  • SRM: 15
  • IBU: 0
  • Mash: 60min @ 157°, single infusion.
  • Boil: 60min
  • Fermentation temp: 85° for lacto,  74° for sacc
  • Brewday Cost: $51.32


Brewday – Went without hiccup, hit temp and gravity.


Fermentation – 

Day 1 – Pitched WLP672 at 85°

2 days post pitch – Pitched starter of 3711 at 74°, took off rapidlyg1xk91b.

6 days post pitch – 1.030, prominently sour already which came as a surprise. Thought the lacto might take a bit longer

14 days post pitch – 1.005

21 days post pitch – Steady gravity. I’ve normally seen W3711 take beers down to 1.000, I gander the lacto is stopping it here. Kegged half the batch, 20PSI for 24 hours.




Tasting Notes –

This beer finished quite a bit more tart than I expected which seems to be overpowering the malt flavor. I was initially concerned about not getting much sour so I gave the lacto the best chance it had which was alone in a warm environment. Seeing as it seems to have over performed I’ll be co-pitching it with sacc the next time they end up together in a recipe.

That aside it’s a tasty beer. I remember visiting Cascade while in Portland, OR and while well done, almost all of their beers had an overpowering, 2 dimensional sourness which seems like it was kind of plopped upon a beer of it’s own. I’m now moree familiar with the term ‘boring sour’ as it applies to lacto.

Theother half of this batch will be getting a pitch of WLP645 to see if this can bring some dimensionality to this brew. Cheers


Oud Bruin Brewdown Homebrew Recpe


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