Monthly Archives: September 2016

To-Style Belgian Saison

Diverting from trodden path of Wyeast’s 3711 French Saison,this batch peeks over the fence at the big dog of Saison strains, Wyeast 3724. Armed with Experimental Homebrewing’s inconclusive testing on tin foil v. air lock, the brew began.


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BAVARIAN HEFEWEIZEN #3 – Really Really Precise Temp. Control

Another iteration of the Never Ending Hefe. The goal here is to put to test the idea that ramping up wort temperature will increase the production of esters in a yeast such as WLP300. I’ve previously attempted ramping with this yeast in my ferm. chamber, but the control there was an ambient one and didn’t offer precise control of the actual wort temperature. With a recent craigslist score the wort can now be put into an enclosed refrigerator with the control box probe submerged in the wort. This system is able to keep the internal wort temp within 1° of the target.

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