BAVARIAN HEFEWEIZEN #3 – Really Really Precise Temp. Control

Another iteration of the Never Ending Hefe. The goal here is to put to test the idea that ramping up wort temperature will increase the production of esters in a yeast such as WLP300. I’ve previously attempted ramping with this yeast in my ferm. chamber, but the control there was an ambient one and didn’t offer precise control of the actual wort temperature. With a recent craigslist score the wort can now be put into an enclosed refrigerator with the control box probe submerged in the wort. This system is able to keep the internal wort temp within 1° of the target.

Recipe – This is a weizenbock, much the same as a Hefeweizen which will serve well for this portion of the Hefe experiment. This brew will incorporate an increased surface area (6:1) and unrestricted fermentation (tin foil, no airlock). The grain bill changed slightly from #2, mainly higher ABV, increased wheat malt and decreased pilsner for a more bready taste. Cara wheat for better head retention and a bit of Munich for a more malty backbone. Same practice of under pitching and under oxygenating.

  • Batch Size: 3.5 gallons
  • 5lbs Wheat Malt
  • 2 lbs German Pilsner
  • 4 oz Cara Wheat
  • 4 oz Flaked Wheat
  • 12 oz Munich
  • 5 mL Lactic Acid
  • 14 g Hallertau Mittelfrueh @ 20 min
  • 15 Seconds Oxygen (2 micron stone)
  • 0.5 tsp Wyeast Nutrient
  • 0.41M cells / mL / °P WLP300

Specs –

  • OG: 1.077
  • Target FG: 1.016
  • SRM: 6.54
  • IBU: 5.23
  • ABV: 7.88%
  • Mash: 60min @ 158°, single infusion.
  • Boil: 60min
  • Fermentation temp: 68° 1 day, 70° 1 day, 72° 1 day, 74° until TG.
  • Brewday Cost: $20.11
  • Brewday Time: 3:50 min

Fermentation – Carboy was set into the FC with the prob submerged in the wort hooked up to the Inkbird controller. Yeast was pitched once the wort stabilized at 68°

1 day post pitch – Fermentation has taken off, great ester smell pumping out of the carboy. 

2 days post pitch –  Ramped to 70°

3 days post pitch –  Ramped to 72°

4 days post pitch –  Ramped to 74° and held steady.

16 days post pitch –  1.015. Kegged.

Tasting Notes –

   This one ended up far to estery on the stone fruit/bubblegum scale for my liking. Is was almost sickeningly sweet/fruity. This is more distinctly how I remember 3068.  Even thought the pitch rate was still on the low end I ended up with no banana and all stone fruit which is really not the target. Next I’l be trying Jamil’s tactic of lower (62º) ferm schedule on this yeast.


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