To-Style Belgian Saison

Diverting from trodden path of Wyeast’s 3711 French Saison,this batch peeks over the fence at the big dog of Saison strains, Wyeast 3724. Armed with Experimental Homebrewing’s inconclusive testing on tin foil v. air lock, the brew began.


Recipe – This was meant to be a by-the-books recipe. Larger hop addition at the end for some spice, lower ferm. temp for reduced esters.


  • Batch Size: 10 gallons
  • 16.3 lbs Pilsner
  • 2.8 lbs Munich
  • 2.8 lbs  Wheat
  • 4 oz Carapils
  • 50 g Saaz @ 60 min
  • 75 g Saaz @ 60 min
  • 60 Seconds Oxygen (2 micron stone)
  • 0.5 tsp Wyeast Nutrient
  • 0.50M cells / mL / °P Wyeats 3724

Specs –

  • OG: 1.054
  • Target FG: 1.006
  • SRM: 4.77
  • IBU: 19.5
  • ABV: 6.23%
  • Mash: 60min @ 158°, single infusion.
  • Boil: 60min
  • Fermentation temp: 68º
  • Brewday Cost: $62.15
  • Brewday Time: 4:25 min

Brewday- Went smoothly, this was a smaller
batch for this system which had a nice, vigorous boil. Cooled wort down to 80º and set in chamber to reach pitching temperature by the following morning.


Fermentation –

0 days post pitch– At 70º, gave the wort 60 seconds pure oxygen and pitched 500mL of high krausen starter. Omitted the airlock for tinfoil and set chamber to 75º to allow rise temp. rise.

8 days post pitch – 1.013, tasted awesome, very strong yeast and spicy saaz flavor.

13 days post pitch – 1.008, still held at 75º.

19 days post pitch – 1.005, extremely milky from unflocculent yeast. Dosed with 1 Tsp. 4nbh6xkhydrated gelatin.

21 days post pitch – Kegged, crashed and put on 30PSI.

23 days post pitch –  Carbonation is almost there. Still very milky, cracked keg and dosed again with gelatin.





Tasting Notes – This beer turned out exactly how I hoped. It is packed with complex flavor, well attenuated and easy drinking. After the yeast had dropped out with the second dosing of gelatin it cleared up really well and changed the flavor from being overwhelming on the palate to very refreshing.



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