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BAVARIAN HEFEWEIZEN #3 – Really Really Precise Temp. Control

Another iteration of the Never Ending Hefe. The goal here is to put to test the idea that ramping up wort temperature will increase the production of esters in a yeast such as WLP300. I’ve previously attempted ramping with this yeast in my ferm. chamber, but the control there was an ambient one and didn’t offer precise control of the actual wort temperature. With a recent craigslist score the wort can now be put into an enclosed refrigerator with the control box probe submerged in the wort. This system is able to keep the internal wort temp within 1° of the target.

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BAVARIAN HEFEWEIZEN #2 – Unrestricted Fermentation

As homebrewers, the lesson we never stop learning is the importance of timing. As I jaunted down to the homebrew store with my latest Hefe in hand, passing it off to the store owner I explained a bit about the recipe, process and aim for the beer, citing one of America’s best Hefeweizens from Live Oak as a source of inspiration. I would of course learn once again that timing is everything, as another customer came up to the counter sporting a ‘Live Oak’ shirt, introducing himself as an employee of the brewery. Of course I pounced at the opportunity to seed out some guidance on fermentation. His advice was simple,

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Waking the Dead – 0% viability yeast

In my impassioned and unending pursuit of brewing the perfect Bavarian Hefeweizen I have arrived at a very comforting place as a brewer. One which calls for a looser grip on the reigns in the name of experimentation. For this brew, that call arrived as a drastic under pitching of yeast.

0% Via Small


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Bavarian Hefeweizen #1 – Underpitching

Another iteration in my unending pursuit of the ever drinkable Bavarian style Hefeweizen.

Brewdown Bavarian Style Hefeweizen Wheat Beer


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