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BAVARIAN HEFEWEIZEN #2 – Unrestricted Fermentation

As homebrewers, the lesson we never stop learning is the importance of timing. As I jaunted down to the homebrew store with my latest Hefe in hand, passing it off to the store owner I explained a bit about the recipe, process and aim for the beer, citing one of America’s best Hefeweizens from Live Oak as a source of inspiration. I would of course learn once again that timing is everything, as another customer came up to the counter sporting a ‘Live Oak’ shirt, introducing himself as an employee of the brewery. Of course I pounced at the opportunity to seed out some guidance on fermentation. His advice was simple,

‘That beer is all about horizontal fermentation.” Continue reading

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Waking the Dead – 0% viability yeast

In my impassioned and unending pursuit of brewing the perfect Bavarian Hefeweizen I have arrived at a very comforting place as a brewer. One which calls for a looser grip on the reigns in the name of experimentation. For this brew, that call arrived as a drastic under pitching of yeast.

0% Via Small


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Bavarian Hefeweizen #1 – Underpitching

Another iteration in my unending pursuit of the ever drinkable Bavarian style Hefeweizen.

Brewdown Bavarian Style Hefeweizen Wheat Beer


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