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$12 Walmart Test Batch Kettle

As my curiosity of beer styles rose and available empty bottles declined I found myself wanting and needing to brew smaller batches. Forking out $100+ for a homebrew branded kettle put this idea was on hold…until a visit to Walmart. I found this 4 gallon stainless kettle for a mere $12. One hole punched in the lid later and I’m brewing it’s┬ámaiden Dunkelweizen.

I thoroughly love the output, control and function of my 12 gallon electric BIAB system but the plain simplicity of brewing a batch on this size is difficult to beat. It’s easy, low cost, quick, cleanup is only a few minutes..what’s not too love?

Brewdown $12 walmart brew kettle

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BIAB Kettle Stand

After a few counter top brews it was time to give the kettle some legs of its own. The stand was next in line for a few reasons. I wanted be able to see over the top, avoid slogging around 45 Lbs of stainless steel every time I needed to move it and provide a more stable base to 95 Lbs of boiling, sticky wort.

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